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Vladislav Kuramshin was born in 1964. In 1983 he graduated from the Leningrad Academic Choreographic School named by A. Vaganova (now - Vaganova Russian Ballet Academy). His teachers - Anatoly Nisnevich, a student of  great dancer and teacher F. Balabina (1962-1972 - art director of the school, student of A. Vaganova) and Murat Kumysnikov. V. Kuramshin was accepted into the Kirov State Academic Ballet Theatre company (Mariinsky Theatre) as a ballet dancer.

From 1984 to 1986 - a soloist of the "Contemporary Ballet Theatre" (Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman), where he performed solo and leading roles in ballets:

Duke Orsini - ballet "Twelfth Night";
Soloist - Ballet "Interrupted Song";
Ivan Tsarevich - the ballet "The Firebird";
The first performer of the lieutenant  Nikolaev in the ballet "Lieutenant Romashov" (ballet "The Duel").

From 1986 to 1997 - a soloist of the A. Makarov’s  Academic Theater of Ballet, where he performed solo and leading roles:

1986. - "Eternal Idol" (miniature Jacobson);
1987. - Dancer (ballet, "The Bug");
1987. - Spartacus (ballet "Spartacus");
1987. - Soloist (miniature Jacobson, "Sextet");
1988. - Pas de deux to the music Onigera (Jacobson choreography);
1988. - Soloist (the ballet "The Night of Enlightenment");
1989. - A duet to music by Bach;
1989. - Duke of Buckingham (the ballet "The Three Musketeers");
1989. - "Tango" (ballet, "Exercise-XX");
1990. - Paolo (ballet, "Frances");
1991. - Max (ballet "Scheherazade");
1992. - Executioner (ballet "Scheherazade");
1992. - Duke ("Giselle");
1993. - Spanish dance (ballet "Swan Lake");
1993. - Rothbart (ballet "Swan Lake");
1994. - Poet (the ballet "Les Sylphides");
1994. - Soloist (miniature Jacobson, "A brilliant divertissement");
1995. - Batyr (ballet Jacobson "Shuraleh");
1995. - The pas de deux from "Sleeping Beauty";
1995. - Prince Siegfried ("Swan Lake").

In 1994, as the head of the trip represented the A Makarov’s Academic Theater of Ballet  at the International Festival "Art without Borders" at Yalta.

As a soloist of the A. Makarov’s Academic Theater of Ballet V. Kuramshin continued his cooperation with the Kirov Academic Theatre Ballet (Mariinsky Theatre), traveled with this theatre on tour in Spain in 1992.

From 1993 to 1994 - Director and soloist of classical ballet "Fouettes", performing the roles of: Soloist - Ballet "Tango"; Soloist - "Dancing for the Queen" (miniature);

Also, from 1993 to 1995 V. Kuramshin soloist of the other two companies  - Theater "The Little Ballet of St. Petersburg," where he played the solo roles in the ballet "The Three Dreams," and Ballet Theatre “Chapel of St. Petersburg”, where he performed the following roles: duet  (music by Marcello); soloist in miniature to the music of Iber;
soloist in the miniatures "Pro and Contra" and  “St. George's memory”.

 From 1994 to present - Founder and Director of “Ballet and Theatre School named by Jacobson” (now – Vladislav Kuramshin Russian Ballet Academy). From 2005 to present - artistic director of Ballet Theatre "Choreographic Miniatures".

 Vladislav Kuramshin repeatedly been a jury member at international competitions and festivals of ballet dancers in Italy, Latvia, Cyprus.

 In 2003-2004 he worked as a visiting teacher - tutor at the National Theatre of Croatia, Split. Twice Vladislav gave intensive workshops in Ecuador (Guayaquil) and staged ballet performance for children «Snow White and seven

Together with Tatiana Petrova, Vladislav Kuramshin raised for the School and Theatre  eight ballet performances for children and adults:
- "Swan Lake";
- "The Nutcracker";
- "Snow Queen";
- "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs";
- «Crazy dolls, or New tin soldier";
- "The Three Little Pigs";
- The Grand Pas from "Paquita" ballet;
- Song-ballet (musical) "Small Cafe" - a joint project with the Theater of art song.

Also in cooperation with Tatiana Petrova Vladislav Kuramshin created a number of interesting and original miniatures:
- "Tarantella"
- "The Ugly Duckling"
- "I’m a Ballerina"
- Clown’s variation (often performed at the International Ballet Competition and earned the first prize of the competition YAGP - Youth America Grand Prix - Yulia Mikhailova, and the third prize of the Moscow International Competition Xenia Zhiganshina)
- "Midsummer Night's Dream" - miniature won third prize in the competition YAGP-2010.


   Among his current and former students - the winners of many International and Russian ballet competitions: this is A. and M. Lusina, M. Andreeva, P. Mitryashina, K. Zhiganshina, N. Vronskykh, R. Strokina, V. Bogdanov, Y. Mikhailova, L. Sartakova, V. Fedorova, M. Bulanova and others.

 For preparation of the holders of the Grand Prix International Ballet Competition "Rigas pavasaris-2010" ("Spring Riga", Riga, Latvia), Yulia Mikhailova, and setting new and original dance miniatures, Vladislav Kuramshin awarded the diploma "For the contribution to the world of choreography."


From 2014 – he is a Founder and Director, choreographer and lead teacher of Dutch branch of Vladislav Kuramshin Russian Ballet Academy in The Netherlands, The Hague. Together with Tatiana Petrova he staged there four ballets for children and adults in ballet season 2014-2015 – «Nutcracker», «Snow Queen», «Snow White» and «Swan lake».

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