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«Three piglets» ballet

The plot of this cheerful fairy tale is well-known, of course, to everyone. But the choreographer Vladislav Kuramshin and authors of the idea and libretto Tatiana Petrova decided that the Three Little Pigs, living in the wood, have to have a cheerful forest company.
A funny, colourful and with unusual development of the well-known fairy tale plot, our ballet is bout three brothers-piglets and a grey wolf. It’ll be shown by young talented students of the Academy of Classical Russian Ballet The Hague.
Plot of the ballet:
Children are bored in the yard. Suddenly they come up with the idea to play a fairy tale about the three piglets, which everyone has read and knows. Children assign roles – and the game begins.
Pigs built their houses - how who could and tried. Naf–Naf, the older brother, has a nice house.
With a visit to the piglets come the inhabitants of the magical forest - the duck, the squirrel, the deer, the frog, the swallow and others.
But in the forest lives also a grey wolf – he is dreaming to eat 3 little pigs…
Whether he succeeds it or not – let's see together. Maybe the wolf wouldn't be so bad and scary after all.  
The ballet is put on the music of the West European composers in modern processing, and the bright and original costumes and scenery create the atmosphere of a fantastic children fest on the stage. With huge success, the performance was shown several times on tours in Croatia (Split, Supetar, Tragir) and Latvia (Riga). So, don't miss our "Three piglets", the best family entertainment in The Hague on weekend.


The premiere of the ballet took place in 2005 in St. Petersburg, then the roles in this ballet were performed by children who later became solo and principal dancers of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters companies: Ksenia Zhiganshina, Nikita Vronsky, Regina Strokina, Polina Mitryashina, Lada Sartakova etc. Welcome to our performances and see future ballet stars. Bring your children to study with us to become a future ballet stars! The audition to our ballet Academy is open, please contact us :

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