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De auditie voor kinderen vanaf 4 jaar is nu open, kom studeren aan onze balletschool om je kinderen op het podium te zien in onze komende balletvoorstellingen! Onze e-mail:

Anna Pavlova Foundation (KVK 63637197) founded the Academy of classical Russian ballet in the Hague and Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2015.

This school has more than 50 children of different nationalities now - Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Bulgarians, Romanians, Americans, etc.).

During the time since the founding of the school staged and shown to the spectators in the Netherlands such ballet productions for children and adult as: "The Nutcracker", "Snow Queen" "Snow White and the seven dwarfs", "Swan lake", a big concert program (pieces of classical Russian ballets and repertoire of the school).

Already more than 30 performances were shown at various theaters of The Hague, Rotterdam, Noordwjik such as: Zeehelden theater, theater De Muze, Bergkerk Den Haag, Pro Rege Rotterdam.

The School also held 10 charity ballet performances and concerts for nursing homes, such as De Eshouve, Respect Zorghuis, Zorghuis Dr. Willem Drees and others.

Students of the school were on ballet tours in Berlin and Riga, where with big success were showen ballet "Snow Queen" together with students of the Academy of classical Russian ballet from St. Petersburg.

Also, the school students performed concert programs for the Embassies of Russia, China and Bangladesh.

 We invite children to join us at the ballet Academy in The Hague and St. Petersburg, audition is open now!




All the activity of the ANNA PAVLOVA Foundation is completely charitable.

The Foundation realizes cultural and educational projects that lead to the popularization of the art of ballet.

This aim is achieved by different types of activity such as:


Creating  the Anna Pavlova Museum in The Hague.


Developing  the Academy of Classical Russian Ballet and promoting its methods of teaching ballet to children.


Holding festivals, competitions, concerts and other cultural events connected with ballet.



The Foundation not only popularizes ballet, but also sustains young gifted dancers by giving them scholarships and letting them participate in real ballet performances. 


The ANNA PAVLOVA Foundation seeks for developing and stabilizing international bonds among people interested in ballet and ballet dancers from different countries.


By organizing different international contests the Foundation searches for new talents whose art is dedicated to ballet. We promote their work helping young artists grow. 


The Foundation collaborates with different cultural organizations and associations of Europe to have opportunity to spread the art of ballet in all possible ways.

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